Everybody is different!

Everybody is different,With mindsets, Everybody is different,With mechanisms of coping stress, Everybody is different,With opinions, Everybody is different,With aims which are beautiful in itself, Everybody is different,With preferences, Everybody is different,When Going through things, Everybody is different,With combating life situations, Everybody is different,With reasons to live, Everybody is different,As they have their own philosophy, EverybodyContinue reading “Everybody is different!”

Assertiveness is the new skill!

Do it, Just do it,Without thinking about the result,It’ll either go this way or that way,But will definitely lead to a beautiful destination… Assertiveness is what it all takes to be one self. It is all about speaking about oneself at all odds, denying what is not wished, listening to self. Assertiveness is the foremostContinue reading “Assertiveness is the new skill!”

We’re all crazy!

We’re all crazy,But in different ways, We’re all crazy,For ourselves, We’re all crazy,For reaching our aims, We’re all crazy,To be happy, We’re all crazy,To complete challenges, We’re all crazy,To break the bubble everyday, We’re all crazy,To enjoy each day…♥️💫

Hustling VS Enjoying

This a very controversial yet a topic with important aspect. Nearly half of the population states that Enjoying is important than hustling as “Life is short” and rest half who supports hustling over enjoying states that “Hustling now will be remembered forever” and gift a beautiful future. But the most important fact that most peopleContinue reading “Hustling VS Enjoying”

Self version

Self is the best version to ever be at without depicting anybody. Why trying to fit in someone’s way when individuals are born different, raised up different and so everything is different? Improvising the self version everyday is much better than depicting anyone to be good. There is no shortcut to self version. It’s justContinue reading “Self version”

The Spice of Life

Variety is the spice of life. Variety of emotions, feelings irrespective of the fact they are of anxiousness, over joyed, over welhmed……… Life is a mixture of emotions. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Good ones are easier to face but the one who deals the negative one’s bravely without quitting is actually the strongest person. BeingContinue reading “The Spice of Life”

Night Sparkles

Yes, the night Sparkles, But it doesn’t Sparkles the same every day, Some nights are all about insecurities, Some are about achievements, Some nights just go in thinking what to do tomorrow, Some just want a sweet sleep, Some go in thinking what’s all around, Sometimes its like a syllogism, In some brain worries forContinue reading “Night Sparkles”

A day closer!

Yes, every passing day brings me closer to my dreams,It has my heart, It gives me energy to wake up every morning,It gifts me positive thoughts every second, It brings along with it power to face challenges,It signifies the need of self care, It resembles self believe,It gives me energy to not be lazy, ItContinue reading “A day closer!”

Courageous is the one!

Courageous is the one, Who battles with issues bravely, Courageous is the one, Who lives life on own terms, Courageous is the one, Who doesn’t let the hope inside die, Courageous is the one, Who don’t let the negative thoughts overcome the positive, Courageous is the one, Who has a revolutionary mindset, Courageous is theContinue reading “Courageous is the one!”

Subconscious Mind

Substantial progress in any field of endeavor is impossible in the absence of working basis, which is universal in its application… One can be skilled in operation of subconscious mind. All things that happen are actually a reflection of things impressed in subconscious mind. Principle: Matter expands when heated in every circumstance like wise itsContinue reading “Subconscious Mind”

Giving up fears!

Giving up fears,Is like showing up courage, Giving up fears,Is like gaining freedom, Giving up fears,Is like having positive attitude, Giving up fears,Is like glorifying the future, Giving up fears, Is like cracking the nutshell, Giving up fears,Is like breaking the code, Giving up fears,Is wanting to be extraordinary, Giving up fears,Is gathering guts toContinue reading “Giving up fears!”

War- An imbalance situation

The word “War” itself brings with it a fear of losing someone or territory and ofcourse many other things. War is never an appropriate situation. Someone wins, someone looses, someone gets a topic to debate, someone gains engagement by posting on the issue. But the reason to the war still remains unsolved instead it elaborates.Continue reading “War- An imbalance situation”

Forgive more!

We forgive more,When we believe that everyone is a hooman, We forgive more,When we understand that everyone makes mistakes, We forgive more,When we realize that not forgiving can shatter the other person, We forgive more,When we know that everyone has feelings, We forgive more,When we mark the point that not everyone does mistakes knowingly, WeContinue reading “Forgive more!”

Damn Beauty Standards

Perceptions surrounding beauty and body types not only vary by culture, but have evolved significantly throughout history. According to society’s Beauty standards, men are required to be at least six feet tall, with broad shoulders, and a six pack. Women are told to be supermodel thin, with a slim waist, and curves. This gives birth toContinue reading “Damn Beauty Standards”

We’re born free!

We’re all born free, Then why to remain bottled up, We’re all born free, To dwell on the beauty of life, We’re all born free, To smile without worries, We’re all born free, To meet nature from the closest point, We’re all born free, To do what we want to, We’re all born free, ToContinue reading “We’re born free!”

We’re alive!

Hey, We’re alive,We’re made to be alive, We’re alive until we’re breathing,We’re alive to enjoy the beauty of nature, We’re alive to laugh, smile,We’re alive to be positive, We’re alive to inspire others,We’re alive to be kind, We’re alive to shine after darkness,But we’re not alive to crib about any issue…❤

Restoring Hope

Restoring hope is the most difficult work in the world but once it’s done it is the most beautiful feeling in the world…💫 Hopes usually break when expectations are not fulfilled. When no spark of light is visible. After every dark time comes the brightest ones. Loosing hope is quite easy but keeping up toContinue reading “Restoring Hope”

Believe in self a little more!

Believe in self a little more,Yes, we need to believe in self a little more, Because we’ve our soul,Because we’ve to work for self, Because we’ve to take care of self physically and mentally, Because we’ve to fulfill our needs,Because we’re the reason for ourself to be happy, Because we’ve to accomplish our dreams,Because we’veContinue reading “Believe in self a little more!”

Self doubts are normal!

Yes, they are normal,Every doubt brings with it a series of hope, It gifts a truck full of confidence,It makes us look brighter, It encourages us to work harder as ever before,It brings a sequence of fruitful thoughts, It eventually gives a self motivating power,It gives another opportunity to work rectifying previous mistakes, It makesContinue reading “Self doubts are normal!”

The change

The change one wishes to see in the world should begin from within. Break the bubble to be the change. Normally, people are afraid of change and want to stay in same situation or circumstance with fear of loosing what they have. But the lack to realize that working for gaining something will either getContinue reading “The change”

When night becomes day!

When night becomes day,It signifies hope, When night becomes day,It resembles self belief, When night becomes day,It brings with it challenges of new day, When night becomes day,It gives a reason to smile, When night becomes day,It gifts another opportunity to work, When night becomes day,It marks the necessity of breaks, When night becomes day,ItContinue reading “When night becomes day!”

Silence is the response

Silence is the best answer for the one who doesn’t understand the value of words. Words are the way to express emotions and if someone doesn’t understand the words, silence is the second option. Some people usually understand what they’ve assumed wether its right or wrong irrespective of the fact that other person is givingContinue reading “Silence is the response”

A day when I laughed with tears!❤

A day when I laughed with tears,Was the day when I won a speech competition, A day when I laughed with tears,Was when I overcame my fears, A day when I laughed with tears,Was when I found my friends, A day when I laughed with tears,When I actually found myself, A day when I laughedContinue reading “A day when I laughed with tears!❤”

Different reactions to same conversation

There are always different reactions to a same conversation. Its quite understandable that different people react differently. This is all because of their subconscious condition or belief. A well known example to this is Visualizing a no. which appears 6 from one side and 9 on the other. In most cases one individual fails toContinue reading “Different reactions to same conversation”

Oh, this soul is one of those!

Oh, this soul is one of those,Who is brave, Oh, this soul is one of those,Who is stronger than they actually believe, Oh, this soul is one of those,Who doesn’t feels guilty after speaking out mind, Oh this soul is one of those,Who doesn’t steps back, Oh this soul is one of those,Who continues toContinue reading “Oh, this soul is one of those!”

Breathe to inspire

Inspiration is the best thing one gives to others unknowingly. Its just the hardwork or smartwork of one individual in a unique way and so many peeps get inspired. Every moment has something to learn from, has something to experience and most importantly something to inspire. Whenever someone breathes, they continue to inspire others unknowinglyContinue reading “Breathe to inspire”

Voices are to be heard

Millions of voices in the world are heard and acted upon but billions are still not heard… Nowadays, there are many ways available to bring out a voice, its just appropriate knowledge and boom voice is heard… Thoughts are voices which can probably cause a revolution. Many thoughts are juggling in the brain of normalContinue reading “Voices are to be heard”

Positive Body Image

Every Body is beautiful… Self worth is by skills one has and not by the body. Every body is a star. The way the rulers kingdom is not considered by size but instead by the type of ruler the person is, likewise a person shouldn’t be judged by size, color. Every body has a soulContinue reading “Positive Body Image”

Second opportunity

Life is full of amazing opportunities. Its just the matter of thought and sight that how one views it. Every year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second and even millisecond has an opportunity. Individuals generally have a notion that this time is of no use but they lack to understand that every second has anContinue reading “Second opportunity”

Value of time

To realize the value of one year Ask a student who has failed a final exam… To realize the value of one month Ask a student who’s waiting for results… To realize the value of one week Ask an editor of a weekly blogs… To realize the value of one hour  ,Ask the lovers whoContinue reading “Value of time”

Exceptional Importance

In this world amount of time available is equal for everyone 60 second’s makes 1 minute: 60 minutes make an hour. 1.440 minutes makes one day and 5,25,600 minutes makes a year. It is up to an individual , how they utilize time? Time never halts for any one It moves on in its ownContinue reading “Exceptional Importance”

Procrastination doesn’t works

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of time management, but don’t worry you are not alone. In fact many people procrastinate to some degree but some are so affected that they lack to fulfill their dreams… Procrastination means unnecessarily delaying work. Usually, people procrastinate when they put off their work to do something enjoyable. Taking breaksContinue reading “Procrastination doesn’t works”

Understand the fact

Gone are the days when myths were imposed on people. Nowadays, everyone uses their brain before anyone else’s… It’s high time now that myths are to be recycled and new modern solutions are to be understood. Nowadays, people follow their own self made rules. Bcoz every individual better knows what’s best for them and whatContinue reading “Understand the fact”

Comfy shorts of our life

All hoomans have friends irrespective of the fact that some have real one’s and some have diaries as their friends. So, friends are the comfy shorts of every persons life. Comfortable when around, in memories when not… Family and all are naturally present but choice of friends is ours…🤜🤛 Friends are the only person whoContinue reading “Comfy shorts of our life”


Every day is a new beginning…❤🕊 Morning is that time of the day where all thoughts are new, person is refreshed. Everyday is the fresh start, one should never begin new day with broken pieces of past. Sunlight in the morning symbolises that there’s brightness after darkness. Darnkess is never a waste of time orContinue reading “Bonjour”

Trying something new

Try is the only way to achieve it, only thinking will not work. Its not manifestation bro. 🙂 Manifestation too only works if you work. Believing in manifestation empty handed will definitely not work. Trying something new definitely gives some butterflies, some anxiety and stress. But what if this trying succeeds. BOOM!!! Trying gives anContinue reading “Trying something new”

Listening to myself

Listening to self is much more better than listening unnecessary noises of the world… This is a trivia: When one listen’s to the world, in most of the cases inner voice gets dumped but when one listen’s to self first and then the world. The world is viewed from different perspective. Inner voice lets peopleContinue reading “Listening to myself”

We are in the same storm

Whether it came from South China Sea or Indian Ocean, we are in the same storm. We all are following the same navigation while being in different boats. The waves may decrease one’s potential while gently rocking other’s, or just the other way around. For some, new adventures are the moment of reflection and forContinue reading “We are in the same storm”


We are all travelers. Traversing the same by ways of life. Going through the same emotions. Its just that sometimes some emotions increase while other decrease. Its an UP and DOWN process. But how can this be removed from thought that all are wearing different shoes. Other person doesn’t know your aches and you don’tContinue reading “Traveler”

Think simple now

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that necessary can process… The simplest rule to work is to complete things that are way much easier first. Unfortunately, some people tend to fall for difficult process of completing things in a “greed of getting fame because of difficult method” and they fall inContinue reading “Think simple now”

Who will listen to my story?

Honestly, If you ask me. I am thankful to you all for listening to my ramblings. Empty nesters are in a peculiar situation. Everyone has time to listen to other’s stories but few pop in to put efforts to find solution. It is quite easy to end up something but difficult to keep it on.Continue reading “Who will listen to my story?”

Infinite Riches

Infinite riches are all around us. But its only available when one beholds the treasure house of infinity from within. Infinity is a common word which is known by all but infinite riches is a common phenomenon within us. It basically means you think and you get it. There’s a gold mine within everyone fromContinue reading “Infinite Riches”

Success demands hardwork and determination

Gone are the days when success meant achieving something truly desired. Nowadays, success is just money and power. Success can itself make a person humble or arrogant.  When one reaches the top ladder of succes, he/she feels complacent. But he/she forgets to live a happy life. On other hand, those who believe that success isContinue reading “Success demands hardwork and determination”